Around the House (and inside the camera)

It’s been over 5 years since I took my first photo crash course so today’s Momotography Class was long over due. Local friends, if you are looking for some easy-to-apply tips to improve your photos, I highly recommend Kira’s photography class.


Do as I say, not as I do. From what I’ve read ‘professional’ (or in my case a wanna-be) photographers typically shoot in Manual mode. Being an AV mode girl like I am, changing my shooting mode is pushing me out of my comfort zone and…. I’m liking it already!


Our class took out our cameras and took turns ‘shooting’ Kira’s sweet Dad.



Since I promised Britton the photos I took of her to “practice,”  following my class, wouldn’t end up on the blog… I reverted to household shots.  Like this new copper pot I scored at Tuesday Morning (this Saturday morning).  Thank you Mr. R for my valentines gift!


Manual mode— I made manual mode (insert Tom Hanks voice)



Perhaps I got the detail a little too well with this practice shot (or maybe I just need to vacuum again).





I love when Mr. R plans his outfit to coordinate with our throw pillows



Hello, shutter speed.



On any given day, you can find my girl taking time out from reading to sit at my desk.  Socks, and all.


Texture = black and white



B said no photos of her, but a quick practice shot of her dresser was approved.



This girl and I sleep snout to snout in my bed each night.  She nestles under my left shoulder and we fall asleep cheek to cheek.


As if a 3 hour photography class isn’t joy in and of itself, I also used a gift certificate to treat myself to a blow out. What a day, I tell you, what a day! Oh, and tonight was date night. American Sniper did not disappoint.