The Arts

Our crew is turning out to be more on the “artsy” side than I would have thought  so it was no surprise when Kenley wanted to attend a performing arts showcase at their school last night.

The Arts via grateful simplicity

What was surprising was how memorized Raynes was with the orchestra. We may, or may not, have tried to sneak out a little early (since it was bedtime) and our boy grew quite upset when he realized that he would miss the instruments so back inside we went. Twice.


While Kenley prefers the performing arts (she excels in the visual arts with her piece winning first prize at the North FL fair) Raynes loves the music. He was enthralled in a strings performance and told me “I going to do that when I’m a big boy.”  This would make his concert violinist, and Dean of the FSU School of Music great grandfather quite happy I’m sure. Clearly, my grandfather’s musical talents skipped over me.

He insisted on sitting front front and center, and when that wasn’t close enough for him to watch, really watch, them play their shiny instruments he asked me if he could scoot just a little closer.  And so he did.

The Arts via grateful simplicity

My friend, April, thought the little guy’s music fascination was a hoot as well as she snapped photos in the foreground.



Kenley is needing some one-on-one time with her parents (in our house spending time alone with your parents is a ‘treat’) so this morning is Middle Child Morning and Mr. Robinson and I are taking our girl to do ‘something fun.’  I’m hoping she forgets his momentary lapse in judgement last night when he muttered the words “fun station.”  Please, it’s raining and cold– I think some retail therapy at the Country Dollar and a trip to the library is all she needs to feed her soul on this chilly Saturday morning.

The Arts via grateful simplicity

This little guy, most days, is one happy kid.