You have nothing to be afraid of…

Sending prayers out this morning for this sweet girl, Lilli, who is at Boston Children’s Hospital, as I type, having open heart surgery to repair a valve and VSD.  Ironically, this is similar (though more complex) to the surgery Kenley had in 2004.

What are the chances? One of my close friends? We graduated same year, have the same wedding anniversary, our daughters were born 4 weeks apart, and they both have heart defects, and the same one?  It’s like an twisted type of irony or something….



Or maybe that makes us sole sisters, and our girls heart sisters.

You have nothing to be afraid of via grateful simplicity


When K buckled herself into the car this morning, she asked me how Lilli spells her name. Then she asked me when her surgery was to which I responded, “this morning.”

I somewhat held my breath waiting to see what Kenley’s reaction would be, knowing that her little friend was doing as we spoke.

Her reply?

“I told Lilli she had nothing to be afraid of.”  Of all the things she could have said, that was last on my list.  As parents, we have everything to be afraid of.

My brave, brave girl. I may have cried a little inside when she said that after having been through so much as a baby.

She’s right though, if we keep our faith we have nothing to be afraid of.  I think those little stitches in her heart made her extra intuitive.