Weekend Simplicity

It was long overdue. A lazy Saturday in pajamas.  The thunderstorm only validated what my soul already knew- Be still. No rushing. Just relaxing. A little ‘Weekend Simplicity.’

Weekend Simplicity via grateful simplicity

Not sure which was funnier. The fact that they were sitting down playing Monopoly, or that Mike was actually trying to explain HOW to play to his 3 year-old.


Well, sort of. I need to be somewhere shortly and had to got to first babysit my sweet nephew (affectionately known as Big Whit) this morning. Let’s just say that between the two little boys, there was lots of pooting, playing, and the fascination with the whoopie cushion they found under Raynes’ bed.


Hans and Frans

Hans and Frans. Can you guess which one is which?


Weekend Simplicity via grateful simplicity


Little boys, oh my. What to do, what to do?