Crazy is as crazy does

Not to toot my own horn (okay, i am totally tooting my own horn here) but I have officially earned my VIP Mom badge this week. Mr. Robinson has been in San Antonio all week for a meeting. Meanwhile I’ve held down the home front, single mom with the three kiddos, leaving for work at 7:30 a.m. with a home that is officially for sale and…. even had it ready for a real estate agent caravan on Tuesday by 7:30 am.

Me. By myself.

I did it. It’s done. Mr. R comes home tonight and I be beat!


crazy is as crazy does via grateful simplicity

So the house situation? After 10 years, the hubs came home and said he was tired of his 45 minute commute to work, and wants to move closer in town.  I’ve always said, since I’ve been at home the past 9 years, that when he is ready to move, we will.  Goodness knows I could never make that drive day after day. He finally is so we are.

Crazy, here we come (or here we are, depending on your perspective).

Speaking of… the older my kids get, the crazier each season becomes.  This fall, in particular, was busy with the introduction of athletic games while this Spring is proving to be equally crazy with end of the year parties and performances.


Sweet Katie, who babysits for the kids (as well as Poochie and Tucker) came to Kenley’s “Neverland” performance today- joining big sister and Mama. We represented well!

crazy is as crazy does via grateful simplicity


Every now and then I’m thrown off when watching Kenley do something ordinary- like sing in the school play- and I’m overcome with a sense of enormous gratefulness to have this precious child on the stage. Singing. Just like everyone else.  It’s not that I sit around thinking about all that she went through as a baby. Rather, it sneaks up on me when I least expect. Like 10:30 am this morning while watching the play, juggling the iPad and camera to capture it all.

While most folks won’t understand, my hope is that I may never watch that sweet child in a play, recital, graduation, or even wedding without that same overwhelming sense of thankfulness.  Because while I am many things– overwhelmed, crazy, Type A, tired…. Above all else, I am thankful.  Sometimes ordinary moments are the greatest reminders of this.


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