ENO for the EOY

The days of May are flying by, each day with more speed.  The kids have only 3 more days of ‘regular’ school (in mom language- that means until 3 p.m.) I don’t know whether I should get in the fetal position and rock, and rip out each calendar day in thanks that surely- around the bend lies the quieter days of summer. With the crickets singing, heat a hanging, and flip flops a waitin’.


These girls know Summer is all but here…..


B has been doing a lot of babysitting lately and recently purchase an ENO double nest hammock – these things are pretty cool if you’ve never seen one before.



An ENO for the EOY — another mom translation: End of the Year– used in a sentence: The children went to their End of the Year Party this week.




But don’t even get me started on trying to patrol that little, square contraption in her hand.  The iPhone, iPad, the iHateThem’s because it takes constant monitoring- particularly during the summer months.  It’s really no surprise that iPhone users can actually suffer from iPhone withdrawal. Pah-lee-zee, people. If iPhone withdrawal is your biggest problem of the day, consider yourself lucky.

For now, I’m going to do what I do best… keep on staying busy, too busy to accept the fact that I all but have a 4th and 7th grader.  Oh no, say it isn’t so. Certainly these girls aren’t old enough for those numbers…..  Suddenly I feel dizzy, I need to go lie down in Britton’s ENO.