School’s out for the summer…

And that’s a wrap. School’s out for the summer… however The Littles and I are headed back in later this morning. The best part? They are looking forward to being at school for a few days during the ‘summer.’

School's out for the summer via Grateful Simplicity

Middle School awards ceremony— that’s little Beau on the far right. The closest thing to a big brother that my girls will ever have (and Raynes too)


School's out for the summer via Grateful Simplicity

Those are Britton’s award’s that Mr. R is holding but he is every bit as proud as though they were his own.


Britton said to me this week, “school is my happy place.”  This makes my heart sing on many levels.

School's out for the summer via Grateful Simplicity

last day of Pre-K3 (part A)

Raynes has changed so much during his short period of time spent in this classroom. He is learning, communicating, making better choices and dare I say even reasoning (from time to time). We are so lucky to have had these amazing ladies. It is a magical classroom taught by absolute wizards.


Kenley had a fantastic year as well in her “new school.”  I wanted to get a photo of her and Mrs. B but to be honest I was afraid the two of them wouldn’t be able to hold it together. Kenley, apparently, wrote Mrs. B a sealed note thanking her for all she had done this year (I never saw it). When Mrs. B tried to summarize the message, she got choked up. I’m hoping that I can snap a photo of Kenley and Mrs. B before we get too far into summer.


And speaking of, we have managed to get in the swing of summer rather quickly. We’ve already had a visit to Sassy and Pop’s pool under our belts, impromptu ice cream sundaes (I had to get the cashier to help me the whip cream), and now have a house full of spend the night girls.  Just last night, Kenley walked into the family room and told me the loud crickets were keeping her awake. I had almost forgotten how much I love summer.