So you think you’re local…..

Mr. Robinson ‘hired’ me to take professional photos of his financial advising team this morning. When I say hired, I mean he didn’t pay me. And then it started to rain on us in the park downtown. But I suppose I’ll let that slide since I’m married to the man.

It’s interesting, for as well as I know him, and as much as I’m around him, it’s rare that I am at his place of work. His territory. In fact, it’s been probably over a year since I’ve been to his office now that the annual family Christmas party was moved to a home.  He likes to tell me which streets to take, how to find the easiest parking, and how to get in and out of the building.

so you think you're a local via grateful simplicity

For the record he doesn’t like the candid shot I snuck– but I’m not really a head shot kind of wife.


Team Option 1-1798


Sweet boy, I think he forgets that I’ve been downtown in T-town for the better part of 35 years- long before he even set foot in this lovely town of ours.  But don’t tell that to my native Miami husband.  He likes to think I would be lost with out him. And the truth is, I probably would.