Summer summer summertime

Things seem to be moving and shaking this summer– with lots of boxes being packed.  This week, it is Aunt Britty who will be changing addresses.  Here’s a brief weekly recap:

House Hunters:We haven’t yet started packing (just more de-cluttering) instead, we celebrated my Godson’s 5th birthday last weekend.   Pirate style. No matter what it is named now, it will always be the “Junior Museum’ to me.

Summer summer summertime via grateful simplicity

Photo credit :: Britton


Favorite Instagram Post: Off the week and perhaps of all time. Beyond excited for Aunt Coco.

Summer summer summertime via grateful simplicity

Summer summer summertime via grateful simplicity

Got to love Florida







Sassy Happenings: Mom has been in the studio recording her book on tape. Of course, it’s probably called something more current like ‘audio book’ since none of my children even know what a ‘tape’ is. They probably think you wrap someone with it.  Mom continues to stay busy making appearances at book clubs, book stores, book everything. Her mini-me grand-daughter remains mad at first for writing ‘that silly book’ in the first place as her Sassy now has a packed social life.


Encouragement for her tree swinging friend



Summer Vacay:  Mr. R and I are splitting the first part of June with his and her weekend trips.  This weekend? He traveled over 150 miles to try to catch some big fish over his favorite holes.  Next weekend? The girls and I are headed to their first Zac Brown concert, compliments of Kenley’s idol (and Godfather) Uncle Paul. He thought he might have a fan club but knew for sure after she visited with him during our last trip to Atlanta.

Summer summer summertime via grateful simplicity



Summer summer summertime via grateful simplicity

This little guy never stops talking. Talking really, really loud. I sometimes wonder if he might be hard of hearing but when I whisper his name he answers. Just ask anyone that works in my office. He talks LOUD.



Tiger Mom Schedule: I’ve relaxed a little more than back in the day when their summer days had rhythm and routine to them (my mom still makes fun of me). All three start camp in the morning and I am taking the day off. To sit home and watch television. Or go for a run. Or shop. Or fold the mountain of laundry. Doesn’t matter but I’ve got the whole day to myself for the first time in 13 months and I so stinking excited.

Summer summer summertime via grateful simplicity

You know what? That’s all I have to say about that.