(anything but) Weekend Simplicity

(anything but) Weekend Simplicity….

For the past week I’ve been conducting an experiment to if stress is directly related to the number of canker sores in my mouth.  The results? They are absolutely directly related.  It is anything but weekend simplicity. Here’s where things currently stand in the Robinson household: our home is for sale, we’ve purchased the new house and began construction this week.  Just to keep things real, we also put our rental condo for sale this week (sold!).  Throw in two parents with full time jobs, three children in the summer time and you’ve got yourself a seriously low fun factor.

What IS fun though– is seeing the transformation that a little bit of paint can make.  Because I am too embarassed to admit to anyone how many samples of varying shades of white I actually bought, I’ll just tell you that it pays to have The Color Whisper (aka Courtney) as your best friend.  She can look at a room and say fancy things like, “the color is being reflected in this room.”  Or, “This color sucks out the blue.”  While I don’t know exactly what that means, I do know that the pregnant girl in high heels sure has an eye for color.


Bobbin Trace BEFORE-32

AFTER:: Dining room: Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

Before: Dining Room

BEFORE:: Dining Room

50 shades of white. Literally.

50 shades of white. Literally.

Went by mid- week and found things to be quickly moving along. Holes in walls, toilets in yard can only mean one thing… progress.

A little overwhelming

A little overwhelming– plumbers moving gas line into kitchen for range.

(anything but) Weekend Simplicity via Grateful Simplicity

side porch– vanity anyone?

(anything but) Weekend Simplicity via Grateful Simplicity

Eventually. the plan is to have one heck of a vegetable garden in the foreground


(anything but) Weekend Simplicity via Grateful Simplicity

One part of the house that is done and CLEAN— the back porch. Maybe we should just hang out here in the humid 103 degree weather.


(anything but) Weekend Simplicity via Grateful Simplicity

I have to laugh a little because currently the house looks nothing like this. But… one day of not taking photos and a lot can change. Britton has been at camp with our church all week and have really missed my girl. We never did receive a letter but I’m hoping that’s because our mail has been forwarded and it now takes 17 weeks to get any mail.

Joking aside, one of the silver linings of having a titch of a momentary chaotic life is that Mr. Robinson and I are true partners. We are working together, relying on one another and helping each other. This brings a close couple even closer.  We find ourselves more appreciative of each other. Even if I do have a few canker sores.