Midweek Meltdown

I suppose it was bound to happen…. a tipping point. A midweek meltdown if you will.


Now I know there are some ‘real world,’ serious problems out there. The fact that my plate feels like it’s been through the buffet line three times over doesn’t mean much in comparison. But everything is relative. Here’s how it transpired: It’s Thursday morning and we wake up to find the dryer quits working. This, of course, creates a mountain of dirty laundry in record speed. With a potential buyer coming to see in a few hours I keep on keepin’ on.  The showing is quite untimely- from 7-8 p.m. which is smack dab in the middle of dinner and bed but that is okay because I’ve  gotten a wild hair and took the day off from work. That’s a good thing given the fact that a tornado must have surely gone through our house that morning. I decide to do a little bit of yard work- surely that will impress our anonymous potential buyers- so I grab the clippers and get to pruning. As I am thinking to myself it’s all going to be okay. This too shall pass. It’s only a bump in the road I put the finishing touches on my nicely pruned vines only to suddenly feel sharp, burning, needle-type stings in my hands – attacked by wasps.  Holy Cow- they’re not kidding when they say it hurts like the dickens.

It must have been a combination of having a family, buying a home, construction timelines and decisions , trying to constantly “show” a home with three children, working full time, Sassy out of town, knowing that only two days of summer camp remained- and the wasp bites were enough to send me into the ugly cry which led to the midweek meltdown. Calling first Mr. Robinson, then my Mom with a pathetic, shaky voice.

midweek meltdown via grateful simplicity

Attributing to the midweek meltdown….




Sometimes things, and people, have to get worn down before they can shine again. #Robinsonhomeagainhomeagain



For those of you that have never experienced a midweek meltdown, I highly recommend one. It purges the moaning, complaining and woe is me.  In fact, I may need to have a good cry more often.

It’s a new day and yes, this too shall pass. We are going to hunker down, enjoy our last weekend #growinguponglenmoredrive and take it one step at a time. Next week at this time a truck will be arriving for us to load up and move out. For now? It’s an uncomplicated weekend simplicity.

A one woman paint by numbers party.....

A one woman paint by numbers party…..

midweek meltdown via grateful simplicity

until it gets crashed by a blurry baby brother



With the weekend comes FroYo Friday- a favorite in our house.

midweek meltdown via grateful simplicity

parking lot photos. Because we’re fancy like that.


Sometimes I just need to sit back and take the complicated out of life.