Slow Down, Summer

Maybe because it’s three children going in three different directions. Or perhaps it actually is shorter, but Summer seems to be disappearing before our very eyes. With the exception of a quick weekend beach trip here or there, we’ve been staying busy at home and working hard on the new house.  I go “back to school”  in just over two weeks while the girls are wrapping up their summer reading to return in a little less than 3 weeks.

Slow Down Summer via grateful simplicity

One last summer hurrah!


This week marks the last week of Pre-K camp for the little guy, who has spent the summer perfecting the word “poopy.”  Yes, you read that right (thank you cousin Whit). Poopy is actually a very versatile word and if you hung around our house long enough, you would see that R finds a way to use it as both a verb, adjective and noun. Our son, he’s so gifted.

Slow Down Summer via grateful simplicity


The birthday celebrations have finally come to an end and we now have a 12, 9 and 3 year old under our roof. And soon to be 89 year-old.  That’s right, we are going to be living with Meme. Rather, she is going to be living with our family as we recently purchased her home and are in the process of making some tweaks to it to prepare for 6 of us to live under one right.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone. My children get to live with their great- grandmother (how many people can say that?!), Mr. Robinson and I are able to purchase a home closer to his job and the kids school, Meme doesn’t have the financial obligations of maintaining a large home anymore, and well… that’s what family does in my book. Take care of one another. I may need to add a label to this blog called ‘Meme-isms’ because anyone who knows Sylvia, knows there’s a lot where that came from… as it’s sure to be a fun and interesting road.

In the meantime slow down, summer.