First Day of School (and the photogenic family)

First day of school has already come and gone, as hard as it is to believe.  We were all ready to go back to school- myself included.


My children are so photogenic.


2015-2016 school year


True story: Up until not that long ago, I thought ‘photogenic’ meant one photographed horribly. So for the better part of my life, when anyone went to take my photo I would pose, then warn them that I was very photogenic.
I should probably quit telling that story.

7th grade

First day of School via grateful simplicity


4th grade

No tears.

No tears this year. Maybe that has something to do with her having to bring an iPad to school every day. But don’t let that fool ya sweet girl- she’s signed up running club, strings orchestra, drama class and tennis too. Nothing perturbs me more than her coming home and wanting to play on her iPad for hours at a time. A new leaf has turned little K.


First day

No tears here either. At least I don’t think so- I would have had to actually hang around to find out and I was (happily) back at work.


I am looking forward to having a routine, cooking dinners once again, nesting, and some cooler fall weather.  I actually saw Halloween decorations on a magazine and my heart might of skipped a beat.


Last week was rough- between hiccups with home renovations, a grueling work week, and abbreviated child care I took a stab at being a complainer and turns out, complaining is fun. Who knew? But alas, it’s a new week- those bumps were just that– bumps in the road, and we are good once again. I’ve learned a lot these last couple months– patience, balance (how to and when to surrender), and how to survive on luna bars and Tito’s Vodka.

Welcome 2015-2016 school year, we’ve been waiting for you.