A day late, and always a dollar short– this one goes out to you Poochie Mama! #NationalDogDay

At 7 years old, she still looks (and acts) like a Havanese puppy. When you weigh a hefty 4.9 lbs, it gives you a youthful appearance which works to her advantage.

Bed Hog via grateful simplicity


Poochie has loved having not one, not two, but three animal bowls to graze from each day at the new house. And she has the pot belly to prove it.

Our neighbors have warned us that we have coyotes that live directly behind us. Mr. R had already spotted their dens. Needless to say, we have all been keeping an extra watchful eye on our favorite cat-dog when she goes outside to “do go-go’s.” What is a go-go you ask? Compliments of Sassy, who used to lay our black Poodle Puddles, and later Pooh, on the grass and instruct them to “do go-go’s.” And it worked! 30 years later and we are still using the same phrases. Thanks, Sassy! Mr. Robinson’s man card gets taken away at least twice a day as he stands on our front porch, all 6′ of him, telling his lap dog to “do go-go’s.”

He, obviously, isn’t too bothered by this minor inconvenience. Go (go), Mr. R!


No use pretending like you don’t love having this fur ball cuddled between us in the bed every night.


Bed Hog via grateful simplicity

So many things to do, so little time.


We plan to take a break from laboring this Labor Day weekend— fingers crossed we do a little relaxin’ this holiday weekend despite having a garage full of boxes that won’t unpack themselves.