Run, Forest. Run! {Middle Child Edition}

Run, Forest. Run!  {Middle Child Edition}

Last year Kenley spent a lot of time in my office once school dismissed, while most of her friends went on to after school activities. With the ongoing attempt to simplify my life, one of the changes we made over the summer was the decision that she needed to something to do (on campus) after school.


The girl joined her lower school running club and loves it!


Britton had a short stint with XC last year which is why this is Run, Forest run the middle child edition. For the first time, in a long time, the girl has found an activity where she has never once said, “I don’t want to go today.”  And it’s running club. Who knew?


She finished!

Any my  favorite photo….


Kenley with her running coach… Coach Angie


When she was done with her first race (she had a second one this weekend) she said to me in her Kenley matter-of-factly way    , “My lungs are burning” followed by, “I didn’t try to run my fastest but I ran to have fun.”

How can I argue with that?