Christmas 2015 {part II)

Christmas 2015 {part II)

Because it’s really not Christmas unless there is a round I and II. One of the byproducts of having all your family in one Florida town.  After spending the morning with our kiddos, we drove the .4 miles over to Mom and Dale’s (also known as Sassy and Pops) for the little kids to have, what can only be described as an entirely second Christmas, followed by lunch, naps then back to Mom and Dale’s for a big family supper. Dee Dee’s infamous yule log is her ticket into dinner every year. One year she got sick and couldn’t make it, and though I can’t be quite sure I do believe I heard folks mumbling under their breaths something along the lines of… ‘how dare she get sick. Doesn’t she know how we look forward her yule log. No one else can make it.‘  Insert Leslie, Uncle Matt’s Mom, who is also homemaker extraordinaire and whipped up a coconut cake Christmas night like you wouldn’t believe. I do believe I left Christmas dinner a good 6 lbs heavier. Hopefully, we will get some proper winter weather soon and I can tuck it all in under a warm winter coat.   For the time being, judging by the coughing that went on in this house last night, I will likely spend the day giving both my boys cough medicine and catering to their every whim. Seems they both caught the sniffles that are going around and we all know how boys can be when they feel (ever so slightly) under the weather. Enough about weather and food- let’s focus on preparing to celebrate a New Year!





Uncle Matt made a pork tenderloin and the best dang garlic mashed potatoes I do believe I’ve ever had. Mom Leslie taught him well! My sister and I are fortunate to have husbands who can cook.



Mr. Robinsons’s parents




Our resident PA, Kristopher, who just graduated from PA school. Do you know how happy this makes Meme to have a doctor in the family again?!





Aunt Gina was just happy to have Katie home from LA where she recently moved to take a job with a little company known as Warner Brother Studios.



Mom continues to remind my sister and I that she has one stocking to remaining to be monogrammed… just in case. I’ve assured her that we will not be needing it…..