Mama Tried

Mama tried, really she did. Littles dressed in matching Christmas pajamas, precious gingerbread house materials laid out, and even some cooler air thrown in for good measure. But all my kids did, was argue. And then run out of icing- not good when that’s what holds said gingerbread house together. Waiting for Britton to whip up some some made icing someone, I won’t say who, decided to eat the remaining decorative candy adding to his (or her) energy. Their restitution? Helping me out with the Christmas cards that I swore we weren’t going to send out this year.










Mr. Robinson returns today from a 5 day hunting trip in Nebraska where he spent time with some of my Dad’s closest friends, in my great grandparent’s small town of Beaver City.  My husband never had the opportunity to get to know my Dad. Incidentally, they are quite similar – both holding family, work, and the great outdoors quite seriously.  I think they would have gotten along quite well, and know that he is smiling down watching this group of men come together in a little town where he spent his summers, Beaver City.

Beaver City, Nebraska

Beaver City, Nebraska