Thanksgiving Leftovers

Sounds a little gross, right? Thanksgiving leftovers have long since gone bad… unless there are a few leftover photos laying around. And if that’s the case, than not gross… just plain ol’ late being December and all.  But such is life… a few Thanksgiving photos I found hanging around.


Mom caved and volunteered to host  Thanksgiving dinner at their home. She would have liked her guest to think she spent all day working away in her kitchen, basting the organic turkey, fluffing the perfectly tasty stuffing and baking home made pumpkin pies. When in reality, she drank a bloody mary Thanksgiving morning with her feet propped up, then drove down to Whole Foods where she was to pick up her prepared-that-day Thanksgiving feast for 20. She’s sneaky like that! But I must say their her mashed potatoes were the best ever!

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Thanksgiving 2015


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Leave it to Sassy to find the coolest Thanksgiving place mats- including those you can write on. Over achiever.



The official carver.

The official carver.

"I am thankful for a roof over my head." -Kenley

“I am thankful for a roof over my head.” -Kenley

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Almost looks like Meme could care less about visiting with her multi-generational children. Sylvia loves her some iPad!

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K has gone through a major growth having shot up in height and foot going up 3 sizes in just two months. How does that even happen? She now wears “ladies” shoes and clothing. 

Short, sweet and to the point today.