5 reasons why… I know I’m getting old

Though I could come up with many, many more these are the top 5 reasons why I know I’m getting old.


1. Lately it has been hard to read menus, nutritional content on boxes, books and I’m starting to believe it’s not from the “bad light.”

2. When I wake up in the mornings I have to stretch my hamstrings before I can even walk to the bathroom.

3.When filling out an online form the birth year is longer, and longer, down the list of years on the drop down menu.

4. If you open my purse, you will find Tums, under eye concealer and contact solution.

5. Last week, in matter of two days I forgot Britton’s doctor’s appointment, my hair appointment (what?!),  and Kenley’s acting class. At least I didn’t forget a child. Again.