Garden beds for your birthday?

Garden beds for your birthday?

Coming from a man that is not keen on weekend projects that include a hammer and nails, it was very sweet of Mr. Robinson to offer to build me raised beds for my 39th birthday. Directions and design were found off Instagram no less. Amazingly, he was able to construct the beds exactly as I had pictured. All that is left is to finish the second bed (did I mention we had 4 days of rain last week?!) and fill them with the proper soil. My plan is to grow herbs in one bed, and vegetables in the other. One of the beds gets more hours of sun so I am in the process of researching (ie- polling friends) to see how to do what when it comes to putting on my garden gloves and floppy hat. The idea of farming off our land seems to Laura Ingalls-esque and something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Thank you, Mr. Robinson – you are a good man.





It started raining Thursday and has not stopped. That’s four days if you do math about as well as me. I can’t remember that last time we had a rainy Easter.  Homebodies like myself love a weekend with an excuse to stay home and nest, rest, organize and catch up on television. The rain didn’t stop our crew from hunting eggs (Britton opted out since she weighed the cost of running around the front yard with a basket– versus the potential benefit of a ‘golden egg.’) Hence, The Littles ran around like crazy people in between the showers.  This was our first Easter (and hunt) in the new house.  During the move, either my Easter decor wasn’t holding up after many years or… I got tired of looking at it for many years because all I could find was a  ceramic egg and glittery, pathetic bunny. So not a whole lot of decorating going on at twelve fifty nine. And I’m okay with that. Easter simply isn’t Easter without worship so we got dressed up, grabbed umbrellas and drove ,wind shield wipers swaying, downtown to church followed by a yummy shrimp luncheon at Sassy & Pops.  Come to think of, Sassy & Pops would make a great name for a cute restaurant. Luckily Raynes’ PreK egg hunt was earlier in the week several hours before our monsoon hit.   The rain, the water it’s all very fitting actually. A clean slate. The tomb is empty. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Happy Easter!

















The key to a great vacation in The Keys

The key to a great vacation in The Keys

Spring Break has come and gone and Good Friday is already upon us. It had been a while since our family took a true, week-long vacation. What’s a true vacation you ask? Putting away laptops, cell phones, and iPads. Just the five of us. We  took it a step further and even went so far as to go without television or WiFi. And the crazy thing- my kids never once asked for tv (Wife, Yes. TV, no). We are fortunate to live in Florida and have the beautiful Keys within (long) driving distance. Mr. Robinson’s friend was gracious enough to loan us his huge diesel work truck so we could tow Mr. R’s big ol’ boat behind us. This meant that our trio rode bench-seat style (+ car seat) for the 11 hour car ride. They managed not to draw blood which is a success in my book.

Mr. R and I spent our honeymoon in Grassy Key in this very house so it was definitely full circle to return with our now three children. They loved it every bit as much as of, if not more (and that’s no easy task).


IMG_5037 IMG_5127 IMG_5132 IMG_5220 IMG_5224 IMG_5264


The Little Baker that Could

The Little Baker that Could

Apple cinnamon muffins are a favorite around here- at least they were a featured favorite at one point. Our crew, I’m finding, seems to prefer certain foods in waves. Here one day, gone the next. This little guy likes to prove himself useful in the kitchen,  yard or otherwise. We spent two days in the yard  this weekend (and we both had many ticks to prove it-  yuck!).  As it turns out, Indian Hawthorn is great when you first plant it- filling up quickly and largely– but not so pretty after 13 years.  Needs a little va va voom which, unfortunately, is over half of our yard. Insert helper boy.

My baker boy– a painter, a baker, and happy mama maker.





Her first date

Her first date

Well, sort of. Okay, not really. Pink lip gloss, pearl earrings, and a high bun. Our little girl was ready for her date, with her Daddy. I love that she has the opportunity to go to the school’ annual Father Daughter Dance and get to experience having a date pick her up, ring the doorbell with flowers in hand, open the car door showing her how a man is to treat a woman.  Set that bar high, little K, set it high.  These two had their moment at the dance while I stayed back with my littlest man, R. Thankfully I was able to briefly be a fly on the wall and see what the dance was like thanks to a few photos from friends.

She is growing up, there is no denying it. Most days she looks to be the tallest girl in the fourth grade but don’t let that fool you. K still loves playing with Shopkins, Barbies and dolls for hours on end. 10 years old is such a fun age. Double digits and double the fun!  Since, at the end of the day, the purpose of this blog has not changed– capturing my children’s childhood for prosperity than it would here that I mention her current hobbies include running club (who knew?!), violin, Petite Players, and tennis. Let’s give it up for candidate sixty four (I always feel like a pageant queen announcer when I say things like that– although I’ve never actually been to a beauty pageant so how who I even know?)… Okay, it’s 6:28 am- time to get this show on the road.

Father Daughter Dance 2016

Father Daughter Dance 2016