It started raining Thursday and has not stopped. That’s four days if you do math about as well as me. I can’t remember that last time we had a rainy Easter.  Homebodies like myself love a weekend with an excuse to stay home and nest, rest, organize and catch up on television. The rain didn’t stop our crew from hunting eggs (Britton opted out since she weighed the cost of running around the front yard with a basket– versus the potential benefit of a ‘golden egg.’) Hence, The Littles ran around like crazy people in between the showers.  This was our first Easter (and hunt) in the new house.  During the move, either my Easter decor wasn’t holding up after many years or… I got tired of looking at it for many years because all I could find was a  ceramic egg and glittery, pathetic bunny. So not a whole lot of decorating going on at twelve fifty nine. And I’m okay with that. Easter simply isn’t Easter without worship so we got dressed up, grabbed umbrellas and drove ,wind shield wipers swaying, downtown to church followed by a yummy shrimp luncheon at Sassy & Pops.  Come to think of, Sassy & Pops would make a great name for a cute restaurant. Luckily Raynes’ PreK egg hunt was earlier in the week several hours before our monsoon hit.   The rain, the water it’s all very fitting actually. A clean slate. The tomb is empty. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Happy Easter!