The key to a great vacation in The Keys

The key to a great vacation in The Keys

Spring Break has come and gone and Good Friday is already upon us. It had been a while since our family took a true, week-long vacation. What’s a true vacation you ask? Putting away laptops, cell phones, and iPads. Just the five of us. We  took it a step further and even went so far as to go without television or WiFi. And the crazy thing- my kids never once asked for tv (Wife, Yes. TV, no). We are fortunate to live in Florida and have the beautiful Keys within (long) driving distance. Mr. Robinson’s friend was gracious enough to loan us his huge diesel work truck so we could tow Mr. R’s big ol’ boat behind us. This meant that our trio rode bench-seat style (+ car seat) for the 11 hour car ride. They managed not to draw blood which is a success in my book.

Mr. R and I spent our honeymoon in Grassy Key in this very house so it was definitely full circle to return with our now three children. They loved it every bit as much as of, if not more (and that’s no easy task).


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