15 year wedding anniversary

15 year Wedding Anniversary

Happy 15 year anniversary, Francis. Francois. Michael. Mike.

Seeing that I can remember April 21, 2001 as though it were just a few months ago it is somewhat difficult to comprehend it’s been fifteen years. The weather (thank you, Dad!), food, band, friends, dancing, bar tab. It was, to-date, the best day of my life. Don’t get my wrong, the birth of each of our children were amazing. But your wedding day? That’s where everything begins.

Yes, 15 years goes by fast.. that is until I think…. 3 kids, 3 dogs, 3 houses….  I hear time continues to go by faster with each passing year. I suppose this means I need to buckle up and take time to enjoy the days because before we know it we will be celebrating 20 years. Then 25.   Then 45. What a catch, what a catch.  Who would have known that two FSU kids on a humid Saturday night on Tennessee Street (at a bar called ‘Big Daddy’s no less) would dance a little too much, never quite catch each other’s name, only to meet up again several months later.  Confession time– I thought his name was Brian and I dragged Shea and Courtney, my then college roommates, drive around from party to party, on more than one occasion, because I heard “Bryan” was going to be there. We would show up to the party only to find “Bryan” had just left. Darn, we just missed him! Had I known I was looking for a cute boy named Mike perhaps I would have run into him a little sooner.

On a different note, what a funny looking, and same ol’, pose we always seem to have in all our photos. When going back to find the handful of photos of the two of us without babies together (of course there was no digital photography – thankfully- when we met back in 1998 AND most of our photos contained children beginning in ’03) I find that they all look strikingly similar.  At least we are predictable!

Love you, Francis!! To several more rounds of 15 year anniversaries! xo







Colorado 2012

Colorado 2012 (one-eyed Willy)


October 2013


2004 North Carolina

2004 North Carolina



2007 Sara & Matt’s Rehearsal Dinner 




Colorado 2008 (Pike’s Peak)