Friends that are Family

5 generations. I had to count on my fingers to make sure that was right. When I was 3 years old we moved onto a cul-de-sac called Carriage Road. Our neighbors were Lucki and George Jones who had three daughters. Sassy, being Sassy, quickly became friend with Lucki and recruited Allison and Gigi (the middle and youngest) to help raise babysit us. Baths, board games, and though she denies I know I remember Mom paying Allison to walk ‘what’s-that-can-I-eat-it?’ baby sister up and down Carriage Road. God love her.  There are photos of my dressed up in my wedding gown, age 5, where on more than one occasion I marched myself across the street to marry George (just what he needed, another girl in his house!). Mumsy, Lucki, her children, Shannon and Allison’s children, and now we are about to meet the fifth generation of the Jones family. Five generations!

Allison baby sat us, we baby sat her children, Allison’s children later baby sat our children, and now… wait? Is Britton going to be babysitting Hannah’s children? This all makes me a little dizzy just thinking about how fast  the time goes by.  On the way to Hannah’s baby shower last weekend, I found myself explaining the connection to my girls.  They are like our family even though we aren’t technically related. A technicality is all that it is because to us, these girls are our family. Can’t wait to meet the next generation (and it’s a boy!).












Nanny will fuss at me for posting a photo of her but I don’t care! She also baby sat us when we were younger, I was in her wedding (with my sporty bangs I cut myself the day before), I babysat her son and daughter, Sibley and Mary Steweart, well… you get the picture. Friends that are family.