When you’ve become worst than worse

I have become worst than worse when it comes to blogging. I know this because when I finally went to post a few photos, my URL had expired. As in, page suspended. Woopsy daisy.  I’d seriously thought about abandoning this blog altogether but seeing that I just paid the hosting fee and URL for the next, looks like I’m in it for the (immediate) long haul. So it’s back to business. Last weekend’s business that is when we were invited for an impromptu dinner at friends house– delivered pizza style (genius). I am far too much of a (neurotic) Type A planner than to invite several families over, with their children, without first cleaning, shopping, fluffing and sprucing. Ridiculous, I know. It’s the Martha in me that seems to take over the Mary. Something I have to work on – I know. We’ve been in this house since last August and I can count on a couple of fingers the number of times we have invited friends over.

I will make a real effort to channel my inner Mary, I promise I will.  In the meantime, we loved getting to spend some time on the Lake at Mary/Morgan’s beautiful home. Hospitality might just be her middle name.