Year End Fun

Year End Fun

This year has gone by fast, particularly the second semester. Seems like it was just Spring Break and now wham! It’s Memorial Day weekend which can only mean one thing— summer! Rayne’s 3 year-old preschool class celebrated the end of the year with a snow cone and bounce house party last week. He has come so far this year– at Christmas, when he only recognized the first two letters of the alphabet he had Big Daddy and me a little worried. Worried that he might be a little too focused on art and maybe should focus a bit more on his letters and numbers. But his wonderful teachers were patient with him and something clicked and this boy has taken off. Numbers, letters, colors- you name it, he can recall it. Watch out, Pre-K4!


Tucker & Raynes — his buddy








Our Champion

Our Champion

Soccer practice, soccer laundry, soccer games, dirty car from soccer field, stinky soccer cleats, soccer field chairs that live in my Yukon. It’s a lot of soccer-ing going on around here.  Soccer season has come, and temporarily gone (at least for a couple of months). Way to end the season B, with bad knees and all, our tournament Champs!








Friday Night Art Class

Friday Night Art Class

Friday afternoon the sky dropped down and brought us rain and humidity. The perfect ingredients for art al fresco for The Littles. The buy-one-get-two Hobby Lobby canvas was money well spent as they spent a good hour on the screened porch painting together, watching a movie. With a 5 1/2 year age difference, coupled with boy/girl, there aren’t always a lot of mutually loved activities that these two do together. That’s where art comes in as it is clearly their love language (when Kenley is in between books that is). Incidentally, I took all three to the library afternoon (before the rain) and you would have thought I was giving them water for the first time in weeks. They drank it all in, checking out a combined 12 books, two of which they have almost finished. Me? I walked out with zero which is about how many I have time to read currently. Next week is our last week of school and I, for one, and ready for a change of pace. No after school activities, weekend soccer games (we had three today.  Three!), driving to school at 7:50 am or test to study for. We have some fun trips on the horizon- New York, California, Tennessee and 30A. A wonderful change of pace indeed! There are sure to be more Friday Night Art Classes in our future.



Friday Night Art Class






The Germ Phase

The funk has hit our household, yet again. Fevers, colds, sore throats (and a little poison ivy for good measure). It seems to be the gift that keeps on giving.  We are headed into see a doctor again, and I am home with the littles today with fingers crossed the this is the fading of the funk phase in the Robinson house. Kenley has two big performances on Tuesday- which is why I have dubbed tomorrow as ‘The Kenley Show.’ She is going to have to chug some more Dimetapp, pack some extra kleenex because this little lion has to join the rest of her cast members for the Disney Kids performance of The Lion King.  Tomorrow night is the Petite Players spring show- yes, as in Petite Players– the class she refused to continue with for several years due to intense stage freight. Just goes to show, everything really is just a phase.



One went on to school today, while two stayed home….



A stay-home child

A stay-home child


Another stay-home child

Another stay-home child


This one already put in her dues having beat the crud (aka strep throat) a couple weeks ago. Off to school you go...

This one already put in her dues having beat the crud (aka strep throat) a couple weeks ago. Off to school you go..


Then there’s Poochie- where every day is living the dream.


Violin Girl

She’s on a roll! The middle child is conquering her fear of all things stage-related. Most recently, she performed in a strings concert in front of her entire lower school- over 300 students! She did great, even flashed a little dimple at the end. Dare I say, she might have enjoyed it? While she will never admit that, and has already begun asking me if she ‘has’ to take violin lessons next year, I think tapping into that side of the brain is good for children. Helps them think in brighter colors.