Mr. Picasso

First there was Mr. Roboto, we not have Mr. Picasso.

It’s no secret that this boy loves himself some creativity. It can be in the form of crayons, watercolor, markers, glue, leaves, or sidewalk chalk. It really doesn’t matter – just let him craft already.  Recently, we found that he’s not half bad at all things artsy which makes his Sassy (a self-proclaimed artist herself) very happy. I often point out, that while I didn’t have a a whole lot of Advanced Placement high school courses (for college credit) the one AP class I did take was AP Art- thank you very much! Charcoals was my speciality and several of my pieces hang today in Dale’s office. The crazy thing is, while I was pretty good at my niche work, in the 20 years since I graduated I have never picked up another charcoal pencil. I think there is just too many hobbies I enjoy- photography, sewing, blogging, gardening, decorating, exercising (though mandatory these days and not exactly a “hobby”) that there is just not enough hours in the day. Retirement perhaps?  We’re hoping  that his love of art is a life long affair.