The Makings of a Teenager

Part of the reason blogging has been increasingly difficult, in addition to having three children and working full time, is in order to download photos I have to walk to the ‘other’ upstairs to my office loft, sit by myself, removed from the rest of the family, and fiddle with my software and sit in an uncomfortable chair. Not exactly calling my name to download and ‘get creative.’  Thankfully, Mr. Robinson knows me better than I know myself and recognized this and, in true man fashion, found a solution to this problem (and a happy wedding anniversary to you too!). A laptop that could do all things seamlessly. A MacBook Air. What it does? A lot! What I know how to do with it? Very little. But that is okay because I am sitting in the living room, just me and my Poochie and a cup of hot coffee at 7 am on a Sunday morning browsing through the 500+ photos I’ve accumulated on my camera card.

Thank you Mr. Robinson– I feel this may be a new lease on life you’ve given me.

In other news, Britton had a surprise 13th birthday party for a close friend recently complete with a DJ and ‘Spring Attire’ Lilly invitation. To watch these now-teen girls dance for hour upon hour on a deck with twinkle lights overhead made my pause because I realized we are there. A teenage. Mind you, Britton has a summer birthday so technically she is not a teenager. But let’s be honest the girl looks 16 (not 12!) and most days is more mature than her own mama. Yet another reminder of how quickly time goes by.






The girl has set her eyes on Ivey League (whereas I am not sure how to spell Ivey) then medical school – going so far as to watch surgery after surgery on YouTube.  (Two things I have to say about that: 1) Gross! 2) Had no clue that physicians actually record surgeries then post them on the internet!) Meanwhile, I’m just trying to figure out what’s for dinner. Well actually, a cute blonde-headed (and tooting) four year old just woke up so we’re faced with breakfast decisions currently. I’ll take the little problems in life any day.