Baby Adah

Baby Adah

Unlike the rest of the Kuersteiners who habitually run late, Baby Adah decided she was going to shake things up a bit and arrive a tad early. Three months early to be exact.  She has fought hard showing us all what she is made of and is out on the town now, looking as cute as cute can be at 6 months old. We hosted a ‘Sip and See’ (not to be confused with a ‘Slurp and Burp’ had she been a boy) last weekend for us to formally meet the newest (and tiniest) Kuersteiner baby. Welcome, baby Adah! Cousin Karlee has one sweet baby girl! She is quite mellow like her grand-dad (Uncle Chris– who is the exact opposite of his 11 month older brother,  my Dad who was as un-laid back as they came).




Aunt Margene has one of the best grandma names ever (at least in my book)… “Ma-Marge”. Call me crazy, but I already have my grandma name picked out… Memaw. And no, I’m not kidding.






Sassy knows how to whip together a little table food fo’ sure.






Like mother, like daughter.




Baby Adah