Worms & Dirt

Worms & Dirt

Blogging has quietly and ungrudgingly taken a back seat to this thing called life. Multiple (and I mean multiple) summer camps, appointments, grocery lists, yard, swim lessons, and house chores manage to find that way to the front of the line when it comes to time spent.  I really am trying to realign my obligations and my passion by revisiting how it is they get balanced. Have ordered a couple books, joined an accountability group, and finger-crossed I will learn how to come up for air and just breathe.  In the meantime, the ol’ Canon 50D has been dusted off and lens wiped clean.  We hosted a ‘Sip and See’ for my cousin Karlee’s baby Adah, who was born three months early, and is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen.  She comes fro m long line of fighters and it was high time she had her coming out party to formally meet those who love her most in this crazy thing we call life.  As the guest were leaving and after the summer rain subsided, the boys came out of confinement in time to find a large earthworm to inspect, train, torment, play with.  Raynes has become fascinated with anything insect related often always forgetting to wash his hands afterwards and “accidently” bringing it inside. Perhaps I should start checking his pockets for rocks AND bugs?