It Never Rains in Southern CA, but it can get hazy

They say it never rains in Southern California. I tend to believe it. It can, however, get hazy but… I’ll take it! It burns off after lunch and makes for the most beautiful sunshine-y day.  Mr. Robinson had a reward trip so his company invited me to tag along as well. Seems that lately, I have been compiling all my ‘traveling’ into one month (with another trip in the works). For a homebody that likes her routine and snuggling with her Poochie Mama, I am muscling through! This morning I hiked along the bluffs, while Mr. Robinson attended a meeting.  I found myself atop a bluff (mountain?) all by my lonesome with the song “This is Amazing Grace” playing through my headphones. Me and the King of Glory all by our lonesome atop that bluff. I’ve always been prone to traveling domestically to explore all that our country has to offer and this morning was a bucket list check one for sure.


The view atop the bluff/mountain






my version of a selfie




I’ve always had a thing for random trees