Sass a Frass

Sass a Frass

My mom is gearing up for a regional magazine article that will soon be published so she asked me to take some impromptu photos.  Mom wrote a memoir, Far Outside the Ordinary, and is working furiously to finish her second book. Keep in mind, it rains almost every afternoon in our town which is fantastic because it cools down the scorching temperatures. The down side, is it takes our 90% humidity to 99% humidity. Lucky us. Despite this, Sass pulled off a cool and collected look. When we were in New York, Mom would strike up a conversation with each and every Uber driver and on more than one occasion they would be surprised that she was a grandmother. I would then tease by saying, “Yes, she looks pretty good for 75 doesn’t she?!”  Sorry, Cliff. She’s taken.










Fourth of July, Florida Style

Fourth of July, Florida Style

Back to my normal shenanigans of post-posting when it comes to Grateful Simplicity. Middle of July and here I am, scrolling through old photos trying to play catch up.  Oh well, we call that Life.  For the long holiday weekend, my sister’s family came down and the nine of us squeezed our happy little fannies into the 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom cottage- inflating an air mattress thus turning the living room into another bedroom. Although it is 96+ degrees inland, with the gulf breeze it didn’t feel near as warm. We went island hopping, took turns cooking dinner, and let some minor hygiene details, like little people brushing teeth, fly out the window for an extra day.   The sunset was a perfect salty backdrop to the fireworks and we were reminded, once again, how lucky we are to be able to take these kids to coast to experience Florida life and all it has to offer.


















Britton’s Birthday in the Big Apple

We have a teenager in the house! My mom had, what I think to be, a fantastic idea of taking each of her granddaughters to New York on their 13th birthday. Lucky for B that happens to be the oldest, she packed her rolling suitcase, googled ‘New York weather’ and tied her white converse tennis shoes. And then she (and we) conquered the Big Apple. Her first trip to NY. Having been a travel agent in her former life, Mom spent time planning the perfect first-time-NY-trip for a 13 year old girl beginning with a 1/2 day private tour of the city. Cliff, our local tour guide for the day sported more jewelry than me, chest hair popping out of his unbuttoned (what I am sure was a women’s) blouse and chewed on his toothpick telling us with his deep, scratchy voice how he quit smoking after 40 years. And the best part? He had a big crush on my 6X year-old Mama. Cliff was the best! He made the entire trip and who knows? He may end up at the next Thanksgiving dinner.  Soho, Matilda, Chelsea Market, church, tours, eating and drinking completed one unforgettable weekend. Happy 13th birthday, Britton!


Britton’s Birthday in the Big Apple