Swimming in a Warm Bath

The heat in Florida gets to be brutal this time of year. Yes, it is a swimming pool town where we live really feels more like you are swimming in a warm bath. Not that The Littles notice or care. Summer camps are winding down but we have one last trip up our sleeves. Raynes has asked me, on more than one occasion, “what is summer?” and “am I going anywhere?”  Not to fear little one, your time is coming soon.  Britton has been away at summer camp with our church for the past week and returns this afternoon, we sure have missed her. This is her fourth year at the Methodist Camp and she seems to love it more and more with each passing year.  Kenley stays up late nights reading so she slept until 11 am today (must be nice), Raynes has asked no less than 6,785 questions today, and there is some serious laundry to do. The phone is ringing, Poochie is snoring and being the perfect lazy dog that she is, and Tucker is wondering if she will end up getting to snooze inside with the AC today. Never, ever quiet around here for long.