Volleyball Season has begun

Volleyball Season has begun….

It’s a new year, new grade, new season and… new fall sport.  Volleyball! Who knew it was so much fun to watch!? (Sorry, Shea and Danya- my fellow volleyball playing friends).   I love that my oldest can easily try new things, make new friends, and keep a good attitude. Maybe I should take a page from her book? 

Eighth grade is turning out to be ‘no joke’ when combining studies, sports, chores, being social and sleep. B is taking a high school math course (one that I may, or may not, have taken as a sophomore at this school-+ she can thank her finance-brained daddy for that) which adds to the load some. It’s no wonder kids in America area always so stressed out. I’ve found that I have to take my girls electronics at night, stow them away, and revert back to a strict bedtime to ensure they are getting enough sleep.  Ironically, they are more than happy to comply which tells me they have needed the sleep more than I realized. Do as I say, not as I do. Right, mom?

Even Poochie and Tucker seem more tired than usual. I mean really, what do they possibly have to be exhausted over?

Courtney has always made fun of me saying that I am always looking forward to the next big milestone. When I turned fifteen years old, I told people I was almost sixteen.  When 20 years old, I rounded up my age to 21 and so on. So I guess it comes as no surprise that I am already looking forward to dreading next year when our babies start kindergarten, middle school and high school all one the same day.  Say it isn’t so.




Saturday Sweets for Spider Man

The youngest member of our family has quickly become a fan of pajama day. And I can’t say that I blame him. With all the running around that goes on during the week it is a refreshing change of pace to be able to drink coffee from a mug, not a to-go Yeti (me, not him) and lay around in fleece Spider Man pj’s eating chocolate muffins (him, not me). If only my bed head required a little water and a couple of brush strokes. Oh, to be four again.  The other day he woke up before us, went downstairs to the kitchen, crawled into the fridge to pull out some cold milk, into the pantry to grab his cereal of choice, and then to his lower cabinet for a bowl, and drawer for his special spoon. I’m not sure what surprised me more: him having allowed Mr. R and I to sleep or his independenceAs if that wasn’t enough to swallow, his Light-Bright toy (remember that from the 80’s?) wasn’t working so he found himself phillips head screwdriver, undid it, then located batteries in a downstairs drawer.  


Pretty soon I can ask him to do my taxes.


Saturday Sweets for Spider Man


What’s wrong with this picture?

Update from Garrett (again) from the Caring Bridge website which you can find here.… Spider, Gayle and Prissy are still in New York City are wrapping up extensive testing at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Hospital.

Picture this: It’s Saturday morning in NYC. And there’s a knock at the hotel door. It’s Spider delivering yummy Starbucks to both Gayle and Prissy. Yes, you heard that right. Now Gayle & Prissy can spin it however they like (He woke up early to get breakfast, Starbucks was next door to the breakfast joint, we were tired, etc) but… what’s wrong with this picture?

So here’s the latest and greatest, of which Gayle has said to share: The three amigos are done with MSK for the weekend and have decided to have a little fun before they fly home on Monday. Spider and Gayle will return to MSK on 9-6 for several (“big zaps” of) radiation treatments then return back to Tallahassee for him to recover at home. Spider and Gayle will then return to MSK on (or around) 9/24 for surgery to remove his kidney on 9/27 (there is an actual medical term for this type of procedure but I can’t even remember what I ate for breakfast this morning, much less medical jargon). The surgery will likely be done robotically Gayle said, which would help him to recover faster. She likes this plan.

Gayle also says that the physicians are young (adding “well, everyone is younger than us”) kind and exude confidence. Confidence can be a wonderful thing.

Mom confessed that during one of the many, long test that she and Gayle were waiting on, that she (being the ‘good friend’ that she is) “took” Gayle to nearby Bloomingdales for a distraction. They were half-heartedly looking around, mindlessly going to this department to that department. Next thing they knew, they found themselves in the cosmetic section where two Bloomingdales Sales Associates sat them down in two chairs and offered to spruce up their make up. Gayle found herself wearing a new shade of lipstick, they removed Mom’s banana clip from her hair (you are welcome, Sara Britton), and returned to MSK shortly thereafter looking like movie stars. At lunch that afternoon, Spider couldn’t help but notice how great both his wife and his girlfriend looked. He told them they had a glow in the face and it must have been from all the walking they have been doing (see yesterday’s post). It was only then that Gayle and Prissy came clean, confessing they had ‘killed some time’ at Bloomingdales only to reappear as if having been at a Glamour Shot session. Way to take one for the team, girls!

Today’s agenda? The Met, followed by lunch in the Met’s Dining Room, followed a trip to a cool bookstore they heard about. Then Spider has managed to find a way to mix business with business which means he needs a new tie for the occasion. Maybe they will go to Bloomingdales to look for one. To go with his blazer, of course.

In all seriousness, I’m sure Gayle, Spider, Sutton, Collins and the rest of their crew appreciate your continued prayers. Safe travels home on Monday to Spider and his ladies!


Hello from Memorial Sloan-Kettering

The following is an update provided on Spider’s Caring Bridge. Updates will be posted on that site which can be followed and found here.


Hello– this is Garrett Robinson. Mom and Gayle (also known as the “wife” and “the girlfriend”) have asked me to provide a quick update that can shared as they are still at the hospital in NYC with Spider having tests run. 

Here is what we know so far. They flew into NYC Wednesday morning and spent 10 hours at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center yesterday with Spider. He wore his blazer to the hospital, which I think is awesome and so Spider. They spent the entire day (10 hours and 6 miles- according to Gayle’s Fitbit) running many test on Spider. They didn’t leave until close to 9 pm and went straight for food since no one had eaten all day.

They don’t have a lot of medical information to provide at this point because they still have several hours of testing to complete this afternoon (one of which does not begin until 4 pm EST). Once they complete that testing, the doctors will meet with Spider, Gayle (wife) and Prissy (girlfriend) to provide a complete and thorough summary of findings, treatment plan, and long-term plan to beat this. The plan is to get the readings from today’s testing this afternoon.

Like the ol’ saying goes- slow and steady wins the race and we all know Spider is slow and steady.

Mom, who thinks she is a doctor (but no one has the heart to tell her she isn’t) keeps saying again and again that MSK is just amazing. “On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a 20″ Mom says. Every doctor gives them a card with their cell phone number. Lord help those doctors if when Gayle and Prissy start calling them.

Spider is doing great- and everyone loves him (of course). He has not been complaining, has energy and is getting treated by not just the most talented physicians but the kindest souls around.  Prissy asked me to reiterate this- so there you go. Nice, nice, amazing, amazing.

It’s nothing short of a miracle that they were able to get to where they are now in they time frame that they have. Without the help of Kristin Herman, Gayle and Spider would not have been able to get into MSK as quickly as they did, if at all. For those of you who have not yet met Kristin- she and her husband, Lance Ramer, just moved to Tallahassee from NYC. Kristin works in the Office of Clinical Research at MSK, and her husband is the Maclay Middle School Dean and Football Coach (go Marauders!) which is how I met them. We cannot thank her enough for going above and beyond for strangers.  She is an absolute angel talking with Gayle and Spider last Saturday, helping to coordinate everything from doctor visits to records she needed, hotels, and more. Truly, she is an angel and will likely never know how much we appreciate all of her help, patience, instruction, and time. Thank you, Kristin!

Gayle and P say we should all be grateful to have such a place in the US. MSK building is 14 stories high and goes on for blocks and blocks. Everyone there is battling cancer and we are so fortunate to have healthcare access.

I was also told to keep it funny– so I can tell you that while Mom and Gayle were beat down when we Face-Time’s (is that a word?) last night at 7 pm but they both had on cute outfits, awesome eyelashes and Gayle was wearing her silver ‘Queen Bee’ pendant. Between Spider’s dapper dress and these two, there is no doubt that they are surely the best dressed couple (plus girlfriend) in all of MSK.

Gayle will provide another update when they have more information.



The girlfriend…


wife. Now we all know one another.

And the wife. Now we all know one another.

Go on, say it. I’m terrible

Go on, say it. I’m terrible, I know. This blog has all but  fizzled but I’m not giving up yet. Life likes to get in the way. And life is about making time for things we enjoy. And while I may never (ever!) update this little space in the cyber world, I do actually enjoy it. Particularly the snappy of photos which I don’t do nearly enough these days. Maybe I will just have to switch the subject of the photos- making it more appropriate to what our life currently is: school, soccer practice, volleyball practice, driving, cooking, school- again, homework, and cleaning. The exciting stuff in life!

Britton thrifted a Go-Pro camera from Mr. Robinson and has made some pretty cool movies from her video footage- and captured some even better ‘real life’ photos. In keeping with that theme of real life– we are saying extra prayers tonight for a dear friends, “Uncle Spider” who will be flying to NYC’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in the morning with his two wives – “Aunt Gayle” and my mom- where he will be seen by the best in the business for a master game plan. A caring bridge has been set up which can be found here (no entries as of yet). The circumstances surrounding this quickly planned trip- and the knowledge, care and attentiveness our local physicians have shown- are nothing short of a miracle and definitely warrant a post of their own. Regardless, prayers are welcomed and much appreciated by the Webb-steiners.


Summer beach trip | 2016