Go on, say it. I’m terrible

Go on, say it. I’m terrible, I know. This blog has all but  fizzled but I’m not giving up yet. Life likes to get in the way. And life is about making time for things we enjoy. And while I may never (ever!) update this little space in the cyber world, I do actually enjoy it. Particularly the snappy of photos which I don’t do nearly enough these days. Maybe I will just have to switch the subject of the photos- making it more appropriate to what our life currently is: school, soccer practice, volleyball practice, driving, cooking, school- again, homework, and cleaning. The exciting stuff in life!

Britton thrifted a Go-Pro camera from Mr. Robinson and has made some pretty cool movies from her video footage- and captured some even better ‘real life’ photos. In keeping with that theme of real life– we are saying extra prayers tonight for a dear friends, “Uncle Spider” who will be flying to NYC’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in the morning with his two wives – “Aunt Gayle” and my mom- where he will be seen by the best in the business for a master game plan. A caring bridge has been set up which can be found here (no entries as of yet). The circumstances surrounding this quickly planned trip- and the knowledge, care and attentiveness our local physicians have shown- are nothing short of a miracle and definitely warrant a post of their own. Regardless, prayers are welcomed and much appreciated by the Webb-steiners.


Summer beach trip | 2016