Volleyball Season has begun

Volleyball Season has begun….

It’s a new year, new grade, new season and… new fall sport.  Volleyball! Who knew it was so much fun to watch!? (Sorry, Shea and Danya- my fellow volleyball playing friends).   I love that my oldest can easily try new things, make new friends, and keep a good attitude. Maybe I should take a page from her book? 

Eighth grade is turning out to be ‘no joke’ when combining studies, sports, chores, being social and sleep. B is taking a high school math course (one that I may, or may not, have taken as a sophomore at this school-+ she can thank her finance-brained daddy for that) which adds to the load some. It’s no wonder kids in America area always so stressed out. I’ve found that I have to take my girls electronics at night, stow them away, and revert back to a strict bedtime to ensure they are getting enough sleep.  Ironically, they are more than happy to comply which tells me they have needed the sleep more than I realized. Do as I say, not as I do. Right, mom?

Even Poochie and Tucker seem more tired than usual. I mean really, what do they possibly have to be exhausted over?

Courtney has always made fun of me saying that I am always looking forward to the next big milestone. When I turned fifteen years old, I told people I was almost sixteen.  When 20 years old, I rounded up my age to 21 and so on. So I guess it comes as no surprise that I am already looking forward to dreading next year when our babies start kindergarten, middle school and high school all one the same day.  Say it isn’t so.