What’s wrong with this picture?

Update from Garrett (again) from the Caring Bridge website which you can find here.… Spider, Gayle and Prissy are still in New York City are wrapping up extensive testing at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Hospital.

Picture this: It’s Saturday morning in NYC. And there’s a knock at the hotel door. It’s Spider delivering yummy Starbucks to both Gayle and Prissy. Yes, you heard that right. Now Gayle & Prissy can spin it however they like (He woke up early to get breakfast, Starbucks was next door to the breakfast joint, we were tired, etc) but… what’s wrong with this picture?

So here’s the latest and greatest, of which Gayle has said to share: The three amigos are done with MSK for the weekend and have decided to have a little fun before they fly home on Monday. Spider and Gayle will return to MSK on 9-6 for several (“big zaps” of) radiation treatments then return back to Tallahassee for him to recover at home. Spider and Gayle will then return to MSK on (or around) 9/24 for surgery to remove his kidney on 9/27 (there is an actual medical term for this type of procedure but I can’t even remember what I ate for breakfast this morning, much less medical jargon). The surgery will likely be done robotically Gayle said, which would help him to recover faster. She likes this plan.

Gayle also says that the physicians are young (adding “well, everyone is younger than us”) kind and exude confidence. Confidence can be a wonderful thing.

Mom confessed that during one of the many, long test that she and Gayle were waiting on, that she (being the ‘good friend’ that she is) “took” Gayle to nearby Bloomingdales for a distraction. They were half-heartedly looking around, mindlessly going to this department to that department. Next thing they knew, they found themselves in the cosmetic section where two Bloomingdales Sales Associates sat them down in two chairs and offered to spruce up their make up. Gayle found herself wearing a new shade of lipstick, they removed Mom’s banana clip from her hair (you are welcome, Sara Britton), and returned to MSK shortly thereafter looking like movie stars. At lunch that afternoon, Spider couldn’t help but notice how great both his wife and his girlfriend looked. He told them they had a glow in the face and it must have been from all the walking they have been doing (see yesterday’s post). It was only then that Gayle and Prissy came clean, confessing they had ‘killed some time’ at Bloomingdales only to reappear as if having been at a Glamour Shot session. Way to take one for the team, girls!

Today’s agenda? The Met, followed by lunch in the Met’s Dining Room, followed a trip to a cool bookstore they heard about. Then Spider has managed to find a way to mix business with business which means he needs a new tie for the occasion. Maybe they will go to Bloomingdales to look for one. To go with his blazer, of course.

In all seriousness, I’m sure Gayle, Spider, Sutton, Collins and the rest of their crew appreciate your continued prayers. Safe travels home on Monday to Spider and his ladies!



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    pamhigdon8477@gmail.com'Pam says

    Thank you so much for sharing your colorful update! Prayers sent every night for this sweet family & their loyal tribe of friends. Xo