The 5 Love Languages

The 5 Love Languages

Everyone has a love language, just ask author Gary Chapman. Mine is ‘Acts of Service’ hands down. Just ask Mr. Robinson. And this, my friends, is true love. Twice the love to be exact.  Acts of Service: Don’t tell me you love me– take out the trash. It comes as no surprise then, that children also have their love language. This is how we receive love. I think every parent should read this book (which is a quick read!) as it was enlightening for me, Each of our children have a different language- I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised. And it makes sense actually.

Britton is ‘Gifts.’  As a child she would make teacher gifts, friends gifts and still today, as a 13 year old, a lot of forethought is given to Christmas gifts for friends and siblings. Mr. R- she already has your Christmas gift picked out! And yes, you will love it!

Kenley’s is ‘Quality Time’ and I can almost see her love tank filling up when she and I get some one-on-one time together. Even if it is to a doctor’s appointment, or kissing her goodnight at bedtime. It’s what she needs.

Raynes may be too early to tell, but if I were a betting woman I would say ‘Quality Time’ is his– I think this gift stuff is a typical Preschool phase “Can I have that? Will you buy me that?”

Mr. Robinson is pretty easy– ‘Words of Affirmation.’  I love you. I’m proud of you. We appreciate what you do. Simple, easy and yet I feel I often manage to fall short in this area with the hustle and bustle of every day life.   Instead opting to go to the dry cleaner for him, taking some of his to-do items off his list, making the bed in the morning. This is me showing him I love him- through Acts of Service which I equate with love. In actuality, he could care less about taking the garbage out (well, let’s hope he cares somewhat about it) and more about knowing that I think he is measuring up, so to speak. Speaking different languages can be an easy and conscious daily tweak. Mr. R– if you are reading this… I love you. I am proud of you. And we appreciate you more than you may ever know.

So there you have it: Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Physical  Touch, Gifts, and Quality Time.



at the car wash


The Many Faces of Mr. Robinson, Jr.

Saturday mornings, for us, once again means soccer games at the fields.  Raynes had to got to go with me yesterday so we set up shop with our chairs, book, stale ritz crackers, warm tap water, and my camera– to watch our favorite teenager play. Ouch— I rarely refer to her as such– not sure I like referring to Britton as a teenager. This guy is always in a good mood, waking up happy, chipper throughout the day, and going to sleep with a smile on his face (and a question on his mind). If only I had half the happiness of this little fella on any given day. Of course, who wouldn’t be excited about popsicles, a new fish tank with 5 (count ‘em, five!) fish, and living within 1 mile of a Dollar Tree store?! Enough said.






This one is slightly better about allowing her mama to snap a photo here or there so long as I don’t break the unwritten rule of asking her to acknowledge the camera in any way, shape or form. Fine, fine- I can play by those rules.

It’s amazing how many games one can think of while sitting in a meadow full of soccer fields. Collect and count rocks. See how far you can throw said rocks. Make a friend with a fellow friend under the age of 5. Time how fast you can to the fence and back. Chase the yellow butterfly. Read a book. Look for bugs. Etc, etc.









Little Friends

Some jobs have fancy perks like company cars, or traveling to fancy hotels. My job has the best ‘perk’ there is- to be surrounded by people you love and care about.  Every day. And I love the sweet little reminders of this blessing that I bump into in my ‘office building.’ Like these little friends of mine.  Speaking of, I found how to do a search on this blog for photos of all my little friends- the internet is a wonderful thing.  Little Catie Tyler starting walking about at 8.5 months and we put her in the lobby as a greeter yesterday just to watch her short, chunky legs move (and I mean that with pure adoration!). If only my short chunky legs were half as cute. TGIF!




Little Friends



In the full swing of School

We are already in the full swing of school with puppy parades, volleyball games, homework, and pep rallies.  Raynes’ class studied the letter “P” recently– as in P for Preschool Puppy Parade. He ate it up– no pun intended.  The Little Guy turns 5 soon and it somehow snuck up on me. All this time, I thought I wanted him to ‘hurry up’ and get older so we could move quickly with the rest of us, dressing himself, getting into and out of the car— only now I realize that while he can now do those things, he is getting older and that baby boy is now in my head (and on the 3,589 photograhs). Mental note– take more video. I tend to take some many photos but neglect the video which captures their little voices and hand gestures like nothing else can.





Meanwhile Kenley, is growing taller at record speed and has all but caught up with her 5’4″ mama! Last Spring I had to order her new clothes to fit her new found height, and this weekend found myself doing the very same thing. This growing stuff is not for sissys.  Her class has to work on a passion project this year– she chose to tackle educating grades 3-7 on Congenital Heart Disease (what it is, how common it is). She’s also giving cheerleading a go this year (in addition to Running Club, acting, and tennis) which I’m tickled pink about! Talk about complete full circle. Go, Kenley go!!


Britton is taking a high school math course this year  which mean the grade/credit counts on her high school transcript which really means nothing other than that child, too, is growing up. High school next year? How can that be when the days are (often)  so slow? I still remember her starting her first day of Kindergarten in her plaid jumper, matching plaid headband, brown curly hair and crisp white knee socks, carefully writing her name on the sign in sheet.  She now has her whole life planned out from where she wants to attend undergrad (UF), to where she plans to attend for medical school, to residency (CA has the best anesthesiology program according to Dr. Robinson)– she may, or may not, have already looked at apartments online to determine how she would like to decorate said apartment while finishing medical school. Then there’s the beach house in CA she plans to buy which is fine by me because she says Mr. Robinson and I can come visit anytime. Done and done. Meanwhile, I’m just wonder what am I going to make for dinner tonight?



When it rains, it pours (Spider Webb update)

The below is a recent caring bridge update for Spider. Since so many folks know the Webbs, wanted to post on here as well.

Gayle asked me to provide a brief update as they flew out of the Tallahassee airport yesterday headed for New York City. Can’t say I blame them after the past few days they had in Tallahassee, compliments of Hurricane Hermine.  The Category 1 storm made a near-direct hit late Thursday night where they hunkered down with Spider’s sister, Linda, who had flown in town from Colorado. Spider & Gayle had to quickly pack their suitcases for the planned Tuesday flight to NYC in the event they couldn’t make it back to their home (Tallahassee has– or rather had– a lot of trees).

In case you have not already heard, Spider and Linda’s mother, Lucille Webb, passed away during the storm early Friday morning. She would have been 98 years old next month.  As Gayle says, “you cannot make this stuff up.”

No one had power, including Culley’s Funeral Home, so Spider and his new  girls- Gayle and Linda- headed to Spider’s girlfriend’s house– Prissy (who happens to live with her husband Dale– who also happen to have a built in generator!).

Spider and his latest lady group spent several nights at the Elrod’s home along with 15 other Kuersteiners- bless his patient heart.  Picture frat party meets youth hostile meets daycare and there you have it.  The Webbs have since been able to return to their powered-home in Rosehill and departed Tallahassee yesterday for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Hospital in New York City (upper east side). His first radiation treatment is today– he will have a total of three while there before returning to Tallahassee next week.  Gayle sent me this photo of a dapper Spider doing his daily crossword puzzle waiting at the gate.

With Tallahassee only now getting up and running her graveside service will be Thursday, September 15th at 3:00 pm at MeadowWood Memorial Park located at 700 Timberlane Road in Tallahassee. Her obituary can be found here.

Please keep Spider, Gayle, Linda, Sutton, Collins and their families in your prayers. To say it has been a difficult week for the Webb family is an understatement.