Hurricane Ready

We actually preparing for this one- at least I am. Hermine is stirring up some trouble in the Gulf and looks to be headed directly our way. I don’t remember much but I do remember Hurricane Kate. At just 7 years old it seemed to have made a lasting impression- particularly my Dad having to drive to the neighbors house (4 doors down) to rescue them during the storm when a tree feel onto the house crushing it right down the middle. I also remember having no electricity for a week. Florida heat without AC is not something you soon forget.


The essentials have been purchased- bread, gas, Bid Eddy’s Ruby Red (real) Grapefruit Vodka (which deserves a post dedicated to it entirely).  We have cash, candles and all electronics are charged. Now if we can just get our monster generator to work we might be in business. We are just about hurricane ready.