In the full swing of School

We are already in the full swing of school with puppy parades, volleyball games, homework, and pep rallies.  Raynes’ class studied the letter “P” recently– as in P for Preschool Puppy Parade. He ate it up– no pun intended.  The Little Guy turns 5 soon and it somehow snuck up on me. All this time, I thought I wanted him to ‘hurry up’ and get older so we could move quickly with the rest of us, dressing himself, getting into and out of the car— only now I realize that while he can now do those things, he is getting older and that baby boy is now in my head (and on the 3,589 photograhs). Mental note– take more video. I tend to take some many photos but neglect the video which captures their little voices and hand gestures like nothing else can.





Meanwhile Kenley, is growing taller at record speed and has all but caught up with her 5’4″ mama! Last Spring I had to order her new clothes to fit her new found height, and this weekend found myself doing the very same thing. This growing stuff is not for sissys.  Her class has to work on a passion project this year– she chose to tackle educating grades 3-7 on Congenital Heart Disease (what it is, how common it is). She’s also giving cheerleading a go this year (in addition to Running Club, acting, and tennis) which I’m tickled pink about! Talk about complete full circle. Go, Kenley go!!


Britton is taking a high school math course this year  which mean the grade/credit counts on her high school transcript which really means nothing other than that child, too, is growing up. High school next year? How can that be when the days are (often)  so slow? I still remember her starting her first day of Kindergarten in her plaid jumper, matching plaid headband, brown curly hair and crisp white knee socks, carefully writing her name on the sign in sheet.  She now has her whole life planned out from where she wants to attend undergrad (UF), to where she plans to attend for medical school, to residency (CA has the best anesthesiology program according to Dr. Robinson)– she may, or may not, have already looked at apartments online to determine how she would like to decorate said apartment while finishing medical school. Then there’s the beach house in CA she plans to buy which is fine by me because she says Mr. Robinson and I can come visit anytime. Done and done. Meanwhile, I’m just wonder what am I going to make for dinner tonight?