The Many Faces of Mr. Robinson, Jr.

Saturday mornings, for us, once again means soccer games at the fields.  Raynes had to got to go with me yesterday so we set up shop with our chairs, book, stale ritz crackers, warm tap water, and my camera– to watch our favorite teenager play. Ouch— I rarely refer to her as such– not sure I like referring to Britton as a teenager. This guy is always in a good mood, waking up happy, chipper throughout the day, and going to sleep with a smile on his face (and a question on his mind). If only I had half the happiness of this little fella on any given day. Of course, who wouldn’t be excited about popsicles, a new fish tank with 5 (count ‘em, five!) fish, and living within 1 mile of a Dollar Tree store?! Enough said.






This one is slightly better about allowing her mama to snap a photo here or there so long as I don’t break the unwritten rule of asking her to acknowledge the camera in any way, shape or form. Fine, fine- I can play by those rules.

It’s amazing how many games one can think of while sitting in a meadow full of soccer fields. Collect and count rocks. See how far you can throw said rocks. Make a friend with a fellow friend under the age of 5. Time how fast you can to the fence and back. Chase the yellow butterfly. Read a book. Look for bugs. Etc, etc.