I was running….

I was running….

Oh that Forest- he’s a funny guy.  Kenley (willingly) participated in a local Cross Country race yesterday. The same one she ran last year at this time. It was a hilly course and a toasty 86 degrees. In full disclosure, I was sweaty and a little tired just from watching it all.  I stood on the side of the beautiful course, snapping photos, and next thing I knew she almost ran right past me! She did great– tracking her time (9 minutes 20 seconds) and is looking forward to next Friday’s event. Whose child is she?  I would like to think she got this gene-to-enjoy-running from her Mama, but I think it may be from her Daddy Boone who always loved a good run down Thomasville Road.  It’s hard to believe that this March will be 19 years since his passing. Time, too, has a way of running right past us…..









Never one to miss out on a opportunity to ask questions (how far did you run? How did you know where you go? Did you win?) he jumped right into his full line of questioning after the event.