Uploading, Upgrading, Updating

Uploading, Upgrading, Updating

Not gonna lie… it’s tough keeping up with technology. So I finally, after much thought, surveying and research– ordered an iWatch. Only Britton is quick to point out that it’s called an Apple Watch not an iWatch. Noted. The syncing, clouding, downloading, uploading, upgrading, uptrading, and updating can feel a little overwhelming.

I’m also happy to report that after 6 months– I have finally discovered how to find photos on this MacBook (not to be confused with iPad, Dell, etc). Six months it took me– and it was by accident. It was only then that I also discovered the many photos the kids have taken with my many devices, appliances, apples, electronics– whatever you want to call them. Lovely alien photo kids– I always thought deep down y’all might have come from outer space.

Maybe I’ll use my iWatch to see.

But in the meantime I have both my girls staying up just a wee past their bedtime so we can finish another episode of Little House on the Prairie. Suddenly, all is right with the world again. Just ask Siri.