Early Christmas Present

When we moved into our current home we made tweaks to the interior but not much to the exterior. Almost a year and a half later, my Christmas gift came a little early.  Fresh paint!

We’ve painted the last two homes we’ve lived in an honestly, the color seemed slightly off both times. Can’t exactly repaint so it meant living 10 years in a home that was at times grey, occasionally more blue than gray, and on a dreary day even lavender.  I was determined to get it right this time, even if I did have to spend an hour in neighborhood Ace Hardware store with a inquisitive and talkative 5 year-old boy as I had the poor salesperson mix up 15 (yes, fifteen!) samples for me.

big white house via grateful simplicity


Lucky for me, my sweet girl friends are paint masters.  Courtney is the Paint Whisper. She speaks Sherwin-Williams paint colors like it’s no one’s business. Alabaster. Sea Salt. Gray Owl. She says smart-paint-girl things like, “that white has a yellow undertone” or “that blue is too cool” and “that white isn’t warm.”  What does  that even mean? She approved, if not picked out, every interior color when we renovated.  God love her!

Double winner— Gannon is a local interior designer with an eye for it (and Mike says attention to detail that I sometimes lack). She would never have to spend an hour in Ace Hardware mixing 15 samples because she would know right away which two samples she needed to see up. And that she did. I had no less than 7 shutter color samples on my house when she looked at them and said “None. You need to try Black Forest Green.” And she was right.

Early Christmas present via grateful simplicity

In my next life I want to be a great singer and have a eye for design.

If  you don’t already follow Gannon on Instagram, check her out! Her business is Hunt & Hunt Interiors (her mom, Laura Hunt, is also insanely talented) and she posts often and covers a wide range of styles with some travel thrown in for good measure.

Thank you, Mr. Robinson, for delivering an early Christmas present!