Lemons Anyone?

We had our first (Florida version) winter freeze last week so all my lemons had to be picked. And there were a lot!  Think more lemons than sense- upwards of 60. Mr. Robinson had a great idea to give them as gifts as he watched me frantically searching Pinterest for a witty, yet cute, yet practical, yet realistic idea for gifting. Couple that with Sassy’s idea to pair them with lemon cookies (Trader Joe’s for the win) and whoila! Kenley happened to be home sick last Tuesday, I happened to have taken the day off (the first all semester) so she helped me by putting together 25 teacher gifts with hand written tags that read ‘Meyer Christmas’.  Luckily, we still have some to spare and I plan to ask Britton to bake a Meyer lemon pound cake like she did last year. It was delish! Lemons Anyone?

The girl does like a good glamour shot

The girl does like a good glamour shot

Lemons via grateful simplicity



Tomorrow we celebrate little Allie Boone who is not so little anymore and turning the big SIX!