Nashville Smashville

Nashville Smashville did not disappoint.


When Mr. Robinson asked, “where do you want to go for your 40th? London? Hawaii?” I quickly replied, without hesitation, “Nashville!”  Boots, blue jeans, country music and yummy food and you are bound to have a knee-slapping good time. And that we did. It didn’t take long, I’d say 4 hours in, for Mr. R to announce that it was high time he owned a good pair of cowboy boots. So, when in Rome…. I helped him find the perfect pair of boots, not too round, not too pointy, not too boring, but not flashy either.

It was then that he next announced, “Now I need a good cowboy shirt.” At first I thought he might be kidding, my Miam-born husband but he was as serious as a Nashville chicken fried biscuit. So we walked upstairs, had him try on 3 9 cowboy shirts and settled on ‘the perfect cowboy shirt.’  And I do agree– every man should own a good pair of boots and shirt but I was still taken a back slightly when the following day, Mike, aka Cowboy Mike, told me (over our second fried meal of the day), “Now I need a good pair of jeans to wear with my boots.” And so, back in the store we went for the perfect pair of jeans to go with his cowboy shirt and cowboy boots.

Cowboy Mike loved Nashville- almost as much, if not more, than me. And that’s saying a lot. But of course, how could you not? It has all the makings of a relaxing getaway weekend. We tried his new boots out in a great honky tonk– an establishment truly called The Honky Tonk and the boots proved to worthy of their purchase as we had a great evening.  Not just a great evening but a relaxing and fun weekend all around. People were friendly, getting around was easy, the music was awesome and the atmosphere was cool everywhere were went. All around in our boots, of course.


Someone may have found their happy place




After waiting in a line that extended down the city block, we thought Biscuit Love was worth checking out. We soon realized that two, somewhat healthy eating folks could only eat so much fried food in a given 3 day period…

Nashville Smashville via grateful simplicity

Biscuit Love as featured in Garden & Gun magazine


Biscuit Love-- outside..

Biscuit Love– outside line. Our Uber driver told us this was a short line so we came on a “good” day…

Nashville Smashville via grateful simplicity

Nashville Smashville via grateful simplicity

A good man who willingly poses for his camera snapping wife


Nashville Smashville via grateful simplicity

Firefly.  Off the beaten path, but well worth the uber.

Firefly Grille was a recommendation by a local man we met outside out downtown hotel. Off the beaten path, but well worth the uber ride it was a cool little place.

Nashville Smashville via grateful simplicity

More extra points for him


Someone may have liked the Ryman as much as me.

Someone may have liked the Ryman as much as me (this was my favorite “tourist” excursion by far)

Nashville Smashville via grateful simplicity

Country Music Hall of Fame




My funny little valentine

Not to be outdone by her younger brother, K’s class celebrated their last lower school Valentine’s Day with a party. Shh, don’t tell her that she won’t be having class parties in middle school. We will break it to her easy because, like her mama, she’s doesn’t take change well. Good thing she has those dimples, my funny little valentine.




My funny little valentine via  grateful simplicity


Happy Valentine’s Day

A certain little 5 year old is determined to fill lots of love buckets today. In fact, time to quickly head down to his class party but in the mean time here’s a little love for YOU.  Middle child had some cute airhead themed valentine which, in true middle school fashion, I neglected to photograph. The struggle is real.

In an attempt to redeem myself from having used the same bug-themed valentine for R for the past three years, I opted to have Etsy help me out this year with his baseball valentines– an extra shout out to wal-mart for putting valentine supplies front and  center so that scattered moms like me couldn’t help but see it and remember what today is.

Happy Valentine’s Day!







This is my story, this is my song

This is my story.

On Sunday morning, we awoke to mild temperatures and I gently reminded my children, “Get dressed. We’re going to church.”  Then came the response from Unnamed Child 1, “What?! Why do we have to go to church!” Looking at me as if I must be kidding. Or had two heads, I couldn’t quite tell.

 Kidding? Me?

But it got me thinking. Perhaps the joke is on me.  We miss enough Sunday morning services, for this excuse or that excuse, and suddenly my children are asking me, as if it were an option, “why do we have to go to church?”  When we consistently attend worship service, they do not question but rather come to expect. And maybe even look forward to it.

After I did my best job explaining the why we go to church, we get into the car and begin driving towards downtown when suddenly Unnamed Child 2 points to a fancy car in the adjacent lance and nonchalantly tells me the make and model. While there is nothing wrong with knowing that information, it just did not sit right with me. She can recite a luxury car model, but can she name many bible verses? She knows the lyrics but does she know the scripture?

Have I been I falling short in my mission to teach my children?

As we were walking up the sidewalk in downtown T-town, towards the sanctuary, Unnamed Child 1 now asks, in a whiney voice I might add, “why do we have to sing in church?”  Once again, I did my best to explain to her The Why. Incidentally, it was ‘music Sunday’ at our Methodist church the sermon was geared towards worshiping through music.  

There’s your sign, sweet girl.

I am reminded of this book which I loved, and lessons still apply today.  Every now and then, I need a good reminder.  We will be more intentional with carving out the first part of our week for worship. It sets the right tone, gives praise where praise belongs, and shifts priorities back into focus.

This is my story via grateful simplicity

This is my story via grateful simplicity

“This is my story, this is my song.”