Never before seen footage

Britton brought me an old memory card and said, “you might still want this because there’s a lot of photos on it.”  Sure enough. Thankfully, these now irreplaceable photos taken in July2016 have been backed up (and backed up once more) for prosperity.   #Lifeat1259 has changed yet continues. Raynes was always thankful for an audience appreciative of his latest craft creation.  Meme, a fellow artist herself, was willing to give him the attention positive feedback he needed.  I believe we recently found a sketch book of Meme’s where on at least 32 of the pages was the same woman’s face sketched in pencil. She may not have had much variety in her subject matter but she darned sure nailed the one she drew.


Never before seen footage via grateful simplicity

Never before seen footage via grateful simplicity



July 2016