New Life

Easter Sunday is highly celebrated and typically entails a worship service, lunch/brunch and some serious egg hunting.  Sadly, the Easter Bunny brings a little gift or two to the kiddos as well. This year was no exception. In fact, it was a seemingly fitting timing reminding us the resurrection and new life which always brings us hope. And for that we are most grateful.

New Life via grateful simplicity


These two tend to be hot and cold. Best friends yet competitive – mostly of their grandparent’s time and affection. Okay, more Raynes than Whit. Case in point– “Pops” picked up Raynes early from Preschool today — because at age 5 he has a serious case of senioritis. As to not hurt Whit’s feelings, who attends the same preschool in the adjacent classroom, I walked down to get Raynes and bring him to a second location where Pops could secretly pick him up so that Whit wouldn’t feel excluded (Whit recently had his own Pops-oh-so-fun day). What does Raynes do? Announces to me, as we are awaiting Pop’s big blue truck to round the bend, “I told Whit that Pops was picking me up and he cried.” He may or may not have said it with a little twinkle in his eye. Little meany. His parents better kick it up a notch at home.

Some bunny is serious about their egg hunting

Some bunny is serious about their egg huntin


New Life via grateful simplicity

One guess as to who would’ve given these already wild boys more sugar… Hint: Begins with an “s” and ends with a “y”


Wherever she goes, they go…


New Life via grateful simplicity