Batter Up

Sitting on my “to-do” list for months (and months) on end was Convert Home Video Tapes to DVD.  Yet that one reminder sat and sat, with an unchecked square next to it for far too long. Finally, during a routine trip to The Costco I saw their photo lab could take old home movies and turn them into something a little more high tech shall we say.

They were carefully labeled, individually tracked, converted, and sent back in their labeled and photo-filled cd covers. We picked them up after church today then Mr. Robinson and I, after unsuccessfully finding a movie on Netflix, decided to scroll down the ol’ memory lane and watch Robinson Girls 2003-2007.

It was like being taken back in time- hearing the coos of a 12 week old Baby Britton, watching B try to roll over, a 16 month-old big blue eyed Kenley saying her first sentence (“I do”). I remember every stitch of the outfits they had on from the white embroidered Feltman Brothers dress to the pink poodle pajamas with black and white gingham trim. Memories that may have been all but gone– how could I not remember what Britton’s four year old voice sounded like?

Come to think of it, since these movies have been in storage for so long there’s a good chance our girls have not seen many, if any, movies of them as babies. A photo-snapping Mama’s dream. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been wanting to show Raynes our wedding video for some time now (in my defense, he did ask). Okay, enough of that.

Prior to my sappy crying tonight watching said movies, R had his first baseball game of the season yesterday. Notice I didn’t say t-ball as he has moved up to Coach Pitch. What a difference a year makes as there was less players drawing in the dirt, asking ‘How much longer?’ and not knowing which direction was first base.  Their attention spans were longer and the games a bit lengthier. Oh how I do love baseball. Take me out to the ball game any ol’ day!