Sassy Happenings

Sass a frass (aka my mom) has been busy working on her second memoir which she swears will be ready for her editor next month. Or at least that’s what she says when she turns us down for babysitting because she’s “working.”  Her first book, Far Outside the Ordinary, has kept her busy with book clubs, book signings and speaking engagements.


Most recently she was hired by Flamingo Magazine  to write a column with her ramblings thoughts on Florida life after writing several articles. Her column is called Pandhandling and focuses on Florida life. If you haven’t yet read Flamingo magazine, do yourself a favor and pick it up or better yet subscribe. It’s Garden & Gun meets Southern Living and they had a Florida baby. Love this publication. December’s article was ‘Pandhandling: The Un-Magnolia’ and can be found here. Her southern style (or sometimes lack therof) comes through in her writing.  Lord have mercy, sometimes I feel like I have four children (five if you count Mr. Robinson).  Of course, that’s what makes this wild ride called life so much fun!